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B&BG ADVISORY PTE. LTD. offers comprehensive corporate secretarial and compliance

services in the most proficient and professional way. We have a diversified clientele of private

companies and public companies listed on both the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading

Limited and Bursa Malaysia. Our clients are in businesses ranging from manufacturing,

trading, oil and gas, fund investment, etc. 

we are engaged by the public listed companies in Singapore and providing the

provision of corporate secretarial services, corporate governance practice and Singapore

Listing Requirement compliance.

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Team Member Experience: A Proven Track Record

Resumption Champion:

  • Successfully navigated the complex process of listed company resumption on the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

  • Deep understanding of SGX regulations and the ability to craft compelling proposals for regulators.

Turnaround Specialist:

  • Provided temporary management for a Hong Kong-listed medical company, leading a successful turnaround effort.

  • Proven ability to assess and address critical company challenges in a fast-paced environment.

Deal Architect:

  • Orchestrated successful M&A transactions in Indonesia and China, demonstrating a strong grasp of cross-border deal structures.

  • Skilled negotiator with a proven ability to achieve favorable outcomes for clients.

Governance Guru:

  • Managed ad-hoc Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) with efficiency and precision.

  • Adept at ensuring shareholder rights are protected and corporate governance best practices are followed.

Legal Eagle:

  • Offered comprehensive advisory services on matters related to the Singapore and Malaysia Company Acts.

  • Possesses a deep understanding of corporate law and regulatory frameworks in both jurisdictions.

This team member's diverse experience equips them to handle a wide range of challenges and deliver exceptional results.

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Hello from B&BG Your Corporate Service Provider


Your Trusted Business Partner

Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced service provider and are able to offer timely and effective corporate

secretarial solutions to listed and private companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong,

Indonesia, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, etc.

We will provide you with the relevant services to ensure that you achieve the highest

standards of reporting, disclosure and compliance in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What Our Clients Say


B&BG a dependable partner for corporate compliance and governance requirements. Their expertise and commitment to professionalism is incredibly reassuring for companies looking to establish robust corporate practices. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services

​A SGX listed Co CFO

I was impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication that B&BG brought to the table. They worked closely with me to understand my business needs and provided effective solutions that helped me achieve my goals.

​ZX Huang CEO 

B&BG has been an invaluable partner to my business. Their team of experts provided timely and effective solutions that helped me navigate complex regulatory requirements and achieve my business objectives.

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